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Scallop Rumaki

Many love scallops sautéed in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper, but the combination of scallops and bacon is an unbeatable appetizer. When preparing this dish, take care not to overcook the scallop as they get tough quickly. Cooked to perfection, scallops are a sweet and delicious crowd pleaser.



1 pound scallops, 20 to 30 count per pound

10 to15 strips bacon (½ strip per scallop)

20 to 30 toothpicks (one per scallop) soaked in cold water for one hour

Grape seed oil spray



Pre-heat broiler. Pre-warm serving platter.


Par-cook bacon strips in the microwave or on stove. Bacon is par-cooked because it will take longer to cook the bacon then the scallops. The bacon must remain soft and flexible, not crisp, and only partially done to wrap scallops easily without breaking. Place bacon on a plate lined with paper towels to remove excess fat. Allow bacon to cool and cut each strip in half.


Line cookie sheet with foil, spray sheet with grape seed oil. Wrap one bacon strip around each scallop and secure with a toothpick. Arrange scallops on cookie sheet. Broil scallops two inches from the heat for five to eight minutes, turning once, or until scallops are opaque and bacon is crisp. Take care not to burn bacon or overcook scallops. Remember scallops will continue cooking after removed from oven. Use tongs to place scallops on a pre warmed serving platter and serve immediately.


This dish may also be cooked on the grill.


For an alternative flavor, the scallops may be marinated before they are wrapped with the bacon.


Rumaki Marinate
¼ C light soy sauce

1 T ginger, peeled and finely minced

2 T light brown sugar, firmly packed

½ t curry powder


Wisk all ingredients together in a small bowl


Place scallops in a one gallon freezer bag, cover with marinate and seal, removing excess air. Refrigerate for one hour, turning several times.